Eleanor is an extremely knowledgeable and articulate teacher of the Alexander Technique…this class profoundly affected not only my singing, but my overall physical and mental well-being. I highly recommend Eleanor’s class to anyone looking for a new freedom in their singing.
— Participant in Eleanor's "Alexander Technique for Actors and Singers" Small Group Class

Performers require peak physical condition, free of interfering habits and excessive tension, in order to do their work.


The Alexander Technique was developed by F.M. Alexander, a Shakespearean actor and orator at the turn of the 20th century, to combat his own poor postural and breathing habits that caused him to lose his voice while performing. Alexander discovered that using this technique provided the necessary tools to keep from derailing his abilities as a performing artist.

The technique is an invaluable resource for performers, and I teach from the perspective that the Alexander Technique compliments performers' individual approaches to their craft. I have a special interest in connecting the needs of the voice-user - while not straying into teaching vocal technique - with the myriad benefits the Alexander Technique offers as a foundation on which to build your most radiant performances, unburdened by excess strain. I work primarily with performers, in many contexts - as a faculty member at the Manhattan School of Musical and the American Academy of Dramatic Arts, teaching AT as part of the core curriculum to actors and singer-actors; in my ongoing private small group classes "AT for Actors and Singers" at Union Square; and in masterclasses and private lessons. 

I deeply understand the demands that performers encounter daily in their work, and the intricate and personal nature of training one's body and cultivating individual artistry. I experienced transformations in my own singing after incorporating the technique: I use it in my work as a professional soprano in New York City, with over 2 decades of opera, concert and contemporary music performances. I earned degrees in vocal performance from the New England Conservatory of Music (B.Mus.) and the University of Minnesota (M.Mus.) In addition to my AT teacher training, since 2011 I have studied privately with Jessica Wolf (Assistant Professor at the Yale School of Drama) integrating wisdom from her profound synthesis of the Alexander Technique, Breathing Coordination (developed by the late Carl Stough) and her own method The Art of Breathing into my own teaching. I have also trained in The Actor's Secret method with Betsy Polatin (Master Lecture, Boston University College of Fine Arts).

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